Please consider the following before ordering:


Do you want the armour component to be fully authentic, or is it only intended to be used for displaying — and in that case what kind of display…?

Do you want us to assist you with research? It’s often a good thing to meet at an early stage of a large project to decide jointly exactly what is to be manufactured and what models are to be used.


If you intend to supplement or renovate you should ponder carefully why you want to do it and if it is necessary. Feel free to contact me and discuss beforehand what is possible and what is not. Careful measures, that do not distort the original, is more often than not the best alternative with regard to both the economical and the historical value of the object. Maintenance is on the other hand always important for assuring that the object is not to be damaged over time.

With regard to reproductions it is often a good thing to look for examples of what you would like to achieve. You can contact me for assistance in doing this.

If you intend to use the armour in reenactment contexts:

  • For what am I going to use the armour/armour part?
  • Is it to be hardened?
  • Is it to be patinated?
  • Do you want us to make padding, and if so do you want it to be handsewn or sewn by machine?
  • Do you want a manually polished surface or a bright one — or something in between the two?
  • Do you want us to carry out any leather work, and how do you in that case want the straps and buckles to look?
  • Can you come to me for fitting? That is more often than not necessary for a well fitting armour part.
  • What do you intend to wear underneath? A well sewn arming doublet or gambeson is extremely important for a well functioning total solution. It is also a part of the armour.
  • Then you contact me by mail or phone.

When we have agreed on what your armour part is to look like, and its design, we will give you a quotation, including a preliminary delivery date. The indicated price includes the cost of materials and work for the armour part, as well as fitting when appropriate. Extra work in addition to what was originally agreed will be charged  with SEK 450 per hour, plus value-added tax. Any freight will be charged separately.

When the price has been agreed upon you pay 50 % of the sum total as an advance before the work is commenced. A mortgage scheme is applicable for larger projects. The final payment is made when the work has been concluded.

Via Armorari has a tax certificate for contractors and all work is invoiced.

Account information:

Bank: Svenska Handelsbanken (Sweden)

Account number: 798 471 522
Clearing number: 6616  (bank branch office)
IBAN: SE83 6000 0000 0007 9847 1522
BIC/Nationonal Bank ID: HANDSESS