I have manufactured helmets, arms and leg armour of all conceivable designs. In addition thereto I have also manufactured gauntlets, breast pieces and sabatons for an Italian client, who is a very active armour user in battles and tournaments with steel weapons. All armours are first hot forged in carbon steel and then hardened and tempered to a hardness of approx. 450 HV. In most cases the customer has supplied the padding for the helmets, as well as straps and riveting of straps and buckles, himself. The armours have been patinated and the polishing carried out so as to leave behind hammer marks and marks from the surface slag, intended to convey a feeling of a more impure material.

The functionality is extremely importent, and the customer has documented a great many originals himself, including photographing, measuring and tracing, in order to make it possible for me to manufacture an as credible armour part as possible. I have received extremely good feedback over the years with regard to the various mobility and protective properties of the armour parts, relating to armours that have been worn extensively in different steel weapon tournaments and battles.